fifty-fifty ˌfifty-ˈfifty adjective
1. divided or shared equally between two people, companies etc:

• It was suggested that they continue the development on a fifty-fifty cost-sharing basis.

— fifty-fifty adverb :

• We decided to split the costs fifty-fifty.

2. having an equal chance of happening in one of two ways:

• You have a fifty-fifty chance of winning.

* * *

fifty-fifty UK US /ˌfɪftiˈfɪfti/ adjective, adverb
divided equally between two people, organizations, or groups: fifty-fifty partners/partnership »

The board offered a merger on a fifty-fifty partnership basis.


The sex ratio within the organization is around fifty-fifty.

split/divide/share sth fifty-fifty »

Oil revenues, he noted, were currently split fifty-fifty between the north and the south.

divided equally between two possibilities: »

This business has only a fifty-fifty chance of surviving.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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